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Lidi - Comacchio - Valli

Lidi - Comacchio - Valli

The itinerary begins at Lido degli Estensi, near the ferry from Porto Garibaldi (which allows bikes on board). In a few minutes you will reach the wide open, peaceful spaces of the Comacchio Lagoons. After the Logonovo canal, where traditional fishing huts with suspended nets are still in use, you will reach the Comacchio salt flats, the refuge of lively colonies of water birds, including the splendid pink flamingos. Guided walking or boat tours around the lagoons and salt flats leave from Stazione Foce. Following the road along the banks you will find the historical centre of Comacchio: bridges, canals, museums, churches, porticoes and the smell of freshly-caught fish are the features of this picturesque town. A stop at the Manifattura dei Marinati, the historical eel-canning factory and museum, is a must if you want to learn more about this traditional process.

Travel time and technical features

Easy trail suitable for all, it consists of a cycle-pedestrian stretch of about 3.5 km, on an unpaved road and a stretch of paved one. We recommend the inclusion of a puncture repair kit; this is an excellent location for mountain biking. For this route it is possible to ask at the Tourist Information Offices for the "From the sea to the Comacchio Lagoons" Bike Map (scale 1:50,000).

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