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Lido degli Estensi

A modern resort, renowned for the nightlife and for its glittering shopping boulevard.

The very picture of the modern holiday centre, the feeling here is the High Life. Lido degli Estensi is the Lido for having fun, the young people's beach, with its shopping streets glittering with boutiques. Its beach stations - modern, buzzing and always bang up to date with activities and fashions - preside over long beaches of fine sand where you can stretch out lazily in front of a calm sea with a gentle slope. It is also ideal fun, then, for children who can play and swim in tranquillity, and for families; but it's especially thrilling for the young people who will find on their doorstep discotheques and numerous opportunities for sport and diversion. There's Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball and many other beach games, and as the evening falls, you will hear the music that accompanies dancing lessons and aerobics.

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