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Routes and tours


Ferrara and its Wall

Nine kilometres of defensive walls surround the heart of Ferrara, delimiting the old city. Designed and built mainly as fortifications starting in the early seventh century, today they are expansive gardens enjoyed by locals and visitors during their time off, and so much more

Ferrara and places of Faith

A fascinating journey for visiting places full of spirituality.

Ferrara city of the 20th century

From Ecletism to Rationalism: 20 years of fascist regime profoundly influenced the development of architecture and urbanism in Italy. In Ferrara, the area between the Monumental Acqueduct and Largo Antonioni hosts several buildings which tell this story

Ferrara Discovery tours

Guided walking tours with a licensed professional tourist guide. Medieval Ferrara and its Jewish Ghetto - The Jewish cemetery and The Garden of the Finzi-Continis - Palazzo Schifanoia: the Hall of the Months, and more at the Este Court - Discover some of Ferrara's unique highlights and places. Itineraries / visits for kids & adults in English, German, Italian, and Spanish

Jewish Ferrara

There is hidden soul to Ferrara, its Jewish one, an important part of the city's community, composed of the Synagogue, the one-time 'Ghetto', the Cemetery in via Vigne, the Little Levantine Cemetery.

Literary Ferrara - Giorgio Bassani’s Ferrara

Born in Bologna into a well-to-do Ferrarese family of Jewish origin, Giorgio Bassani grew up and completed his secondary education in Ferrara, the city in which all his works of fiction are set.

Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia

Animated plays at the Este Castle, with the mysterious Duchess

Renaissance residences and churches

Along the ancient Via di San Francesco, the main thoroughfare of the new districts commissioned by Niccolò III and an elegant street in the Medieval city, stand many palazzos, patrician residences and major churches.

River excursions on Nena motorboat

Nena is the name of a typical ‘vaporetto’, a motorboat used for transport on the canals of Venice, which has been restored and is now moored at the San Paolo dock of Ferrara.

Teasing your curiosity

Virtual guided tour of the "Certosa", the Carthusian Monastery of Ferrara, today Monumental Cemetery of the city

The Mediaeval Centre

From the Middle Ages to today, the area around the Cathedral has always been the focus of the city life.

The Renaissance Addition

Throughout the Middle Ages and almost to the end of the 15th Century, the northern boundary of the city ran along the current road System of Viale Cavour-Corso Giovecca.

The Walls

The walls, stretching for nine kilometres, surround Ferrara almost entirely, forming one of the most comprehensive and varied routes in Italy.

Where the river once flowed

Until the 12th century, Via Ripagrande was the main branch of the Po that today runs a few kilometres away to the north of the city.


Discover the Campotto Oasis and the Ecomuseum

Exploring the 6th Station of the Po Delta Park, to discover the Natural Reserve of Val Campotto and its extraordinary vegetation.

From Chioggia to Ferrara and Ravenna

A route down the northern Adriatic Coast between the natural wonders of the Po Delta Park and the cultural cities of Ferrara and Ravenna, passing Chioggia, Comacchio, Cervia and Mesola.

Nature reserves on two wheels: from Ostellato to Argenta

From the Anse Vallive di Ostellato the route goes alongside the reclaimed land of the Mezzano, crosses the Bando Reserve and the Anse vallive di Porto and, after the Oasi Trava, reaches Argenta and its lagoons.

Suspended between land and water: from Ravenna to Ferrara

Ravenna and Ferrara are brought together in one pleasing journey. These are two centres of art with UNESCO World Heritage recognition rich in unmissable details: exhibitions, museums, monuments, churches.

The Lagoons of the Po Delta Park: from Argenta to Comacchio

This journey links two of the most important natural zones in the whole province of Ferrara, the freshwater lagoons of Argenta and the saltwater ones of Comacchio.

The Lands of the Primaro: from Ferrara to Argenta

A long journey through the heart of the ancient delta of the Po river, that goes deep into the classic countryside to the south of Ferrara.


Biking in the great delta: from Venice to Ferrara

This journey takes from Venice's public transport network as far as Chioggia, crosses the rivers Brenta and Adige, and unwinds southwards through the landscape created by the River Po in its slow progress towards the Adriatic, which gave life to one of the broadest wetland zones of the European Mediterranean: The Po Delta. It arrives in Ferrara along the 'Destra Po' route.

The Destra Po path: amidst nature and history

The Destra Po Cycle Path has an outstanding route that follows the Great River for the last 132 km of its journey to the sea.


Burana's great loop of water: circular route Ferrara-Bondeno-Destra Po

From the heart of the Estense city this circular route runs along important waterways into the countryside as far as Bondeno, on a safe cycleway throughout.

The Alps and the Plain: from Bolzano to Ferrara

A voyage of discovery: natural and artistic panoramas of Italy in all their riches and variety.

The Destra Po path: amidst nature and history

The Destra Po Cycle Path has an outstanding route that follows the Great River for the last 132 km of its journey to the sea.

The Lands of the Alto Ferrarese: circular route Ferrara-Cento

This circular route unwinds to the west of Ferrara, the area known as the Alto Ferrarese...

The two capitals of the Dukedom: from Modena to Ferrara

The dukedoms of Ferrara and Modena, united under the rule of the Este family, have for centuries shared war, peace and splendour.


The Arts, the Waters, the Flavours - routes in the Alto Ferrarese

Three alternative routes to discover the Alto Ferrarese area.

Ferrara Bike

Discover the section dedicated to Cycle tourism in the province of Ferrara.

A journey among art, history, nature and flavours!

Escursioni e visite guidate provincia di Ferrara

Excursions and guided tours

Our rich schedule will lead tourists to the artistic highlights of the region, such as castles and city centres. Guided tours into the wildlife will take visitors to the lagoons and to Po Delta Park.

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