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Garda - Adriatico

Garda - Adriatico


A bicycle path that connects Lake Garda, the rivers Po and Mincio and two water cities, pearls of the Renaissance: Mantua and Ferrara.
Included in the UNESCO heritage list, the two cities are linked by historical ties given by the alliances and marriages between the two sovereignties of the Gonzaga and Este, but particularly by artistic constraints so tight that a visit to one must not exclude that to the other.
The uniqueness of this path is represented by the element of water, the special trait d'union which allows following the natural path of the river, the Mincio for Mantua and the Po for Ferrara, in order to reach the sea on two wheels or even on board of motorboats, whilst appreciating the resources offered by territories crossed at a slow pace.

Travel time and technical features

Completely paved and very sunny itinerary, no particular difficulties and with long stretches on bike lanes or roads with regulated access. It reaches various towns where you can stop for refreshments or for any mechanical assistance. Given its length, it is however preferable to carry a repair kit and an adequate supply of food and water.

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