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Mesola - Gorino

Mesola - Gorino

Overlooking the Po of Goro we find the Mesola Castle, built by Duke Alfonso II d'Este and now the Visitor Centre of the Po Delta Park. Following the Destra Po path, you keep the river company in its last stretch towards the sea, leaving to your right the Oasis of Santa Giustina, the Idrovora (water pump) Pescarina until reaching the town of Goro, famous for its port and the processing companies of Atlantic products, in particular mussels and clams, well worth tasting in local restaurants. You can then proceed to Gorino with the aim of reaching the lighthouse and observing the migration of herons and flamingos at sunset towards the Garzaia of Codigoro. This is possible by taking one of the many boats that sail from the port to discover the secrets, smells and traditions of the Basin of Goro.

Travel time and technical features

Short route for everyone, mainly on exclusive cycle-pedestrian paths, fully marked (FE20). This route is also illustrated in the "Discover the Mesola Woods" Bike Map which includes variants and routes for discovering the north station of the Po Delta Park (scale 1:70,000).

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