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Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza

The Museum is closed to the public until further notice.
Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza

The museum guests rare and precious testimonies of the partecipation of the ferraresi patriots in the epic deed of the Italian Risorgimento.

The documents cover the time from the French occupation to the period of the Carbonarist movement and so run through the events that precede and follow the Indipendence war. Othere documents and objects show the history of the First World War and the colonialism. In the 50's the part dedicated to the Resistence was added. Noteworthy objects are: military uniform of the different peeriods, symbols of the martirdom of the patriots Succi and Malaguti, shot in 1853 during the austro- papal restoration period, together with Luigi Parmeggiani. Large documentation about "Bersaglieri del Po", a volontary army corps formed in 1848, which took part in noumeros fights. Original finds from the demolished Papal Fortess, also with a plentiful collection, labara and interesting examples of flags of the Cispadane Republic and of the 2Bersaglieri del Po". The museum also has got historical- didactic archives. Numerous documents are about the main ferrarese events in the Fascist period and until the end of the Second War, e. g. : the murder of Don Minzoni, parish priest of Argenta, the trials by the Special Law Court, the death of the socialist teacher Alda Costa the ravange of Synagogue, the 96 Jewish sloughtered by Nazi, and the noumerous massacres during the ferrarese Resistance.


How to get here

Restricted traffic zone. On foot:5 minutes from the Este Castle; in busn. 3/C from the Train Station.

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