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Quadrivio degli Angeli

The quadrivium was the name given to the crossroads where Corso Ercole d'Este crosses Corso Porta Mare (to the right) and Corso Biagio Rossetti (to the left).
Quadrivio degli Angeli

Dominated by the Palazzo dei Diamanti, its importance for the town's planning and architecture is only appreciated when it is considered as a whole, together with the palaces which are located at its four corners: Palazzo Prosperi Sacrati, Palazzo Bevilacqua - Rossetti - Pallavicini, Palazzo Turchi di Bagno, and the Palazzo dei Diamanti. According to Bruno Zevi's interpretation, the plan of the whole crossroads owes much to the architect's genius, as he assigned a different, but well-defined architectural weight to each building, with the aim of making them all stand out distinctly at the same time.


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