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Jewish Ghetto

In the heart of the medieval city lies the ghetto, an area which conserves the memories of the centuries-old Jewish Community of Ferrara and where the same community was from 1627 to 1861.
Jewish Ghetto

Via Mazzini, formerly known as Via dei Sabbioni, was the main thoroughfare of the ghetto: at no. 95 is found the 15th century Synagogue, still in use; beside its door two stone tablets constitute a tangible record of the terrible racial persecutions. Inside is found the treasured Jewish Museum. The two lesser streets of the ghetto, Via Vignatagliata and Via Vittoria, adjacent to Via Mazzini, present an evocative mixture of architectural styles, above all the mediaeval. Walking along the first of these you can note houses with beautiful terracotta cornices and others with richly decorated portals. At no. 49 of via Vignatagliata was the Azzime, the oven for unleavened bread, currently out of use; at no. 79 the nursery and elementary school - during the period of segregation this building also housed the other Hebrew schools. Across Piazza Lampronti there begins Via Vittoria enriched with friezes in terracotta and balconies in wrought iron that decorate the buildings.

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Ferrara - Via Mazzini, 95 (Sinagoghe e Museo Ebraico) Via Vignatagliata Via Vittoria
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