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Highlights Ferrara


National Archaeological Museum

The museum, housed in the Palazzo Costabili, exhibits the findings of the Etruscan city of Spina...

Palazzo dei Diamanti

The magnificent Palazzo dei Diamanti, at the centre of the Addizione Erculea, on the important crossroads known as the Quadrivio degli Angeli belonged to the duke’s brother Sigismondo d’Este.

Estense Castle

In Ferrara in 1385, a dangerous revolt convinced Niccolò II d’Este of the need to erect mighty defences for himself and his family thus the Castello di San Michele was built, a fortress erected against the people.

Piazza Ariostea

This very special oval piazza set below ground level and also famous for the races of the Palio, is the work of the architect Biagio Rossetti.

The city walls

The ancient Walls of Ferrara encircle the historic centre almost without interruption for nine kilometres, constituting one of the oldest and most impressive...

Throughout the province


The Mediaeval Centre

From the Middle Ages to today, the area around the Cathedral has always been the focus of the city life.

Museo di Casa Romei

Magnifico esempio di residenza signorile fra Medioevo e Rinascimento, la casa presenta un cortile d'onore particolarmente suggestivo. L'architetto, probabilmente Pietrobono Brasavola, vi usò elementi tipicamente medievali accanto ad altri pienamente rinascimentali.

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