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It is a joy to lose yourself in the area north of Ferrara that runs along the right side of the Po, from Stellata di Bondeno with its fortress to the Gorino lighthouse, passing through the “Luoghi Bacchelliani”, places described in the work of author Riccardo Bacchelli

The adventure starts from the ancient walls of Ferrara and continues through an endless unspoiled natural landscape,where willows and poplars adorn a succession of meanders
and floodplains, enlivened by numerous species of migratory birds.

Due to its unique topography, the area produces precious fruits such as Emilia-Romagna pears, Romagna peaches and nectarines, Ferrara watermelons, Emilia melons, Lagosanto strawberries and Altedo green asparagus. Each denomination contains a place: the value of the unbreakable bond between man and this land.

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