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Immersing yourself in the Po Delta landscape means experiencing a place like no other in the world: at the meeting point between the River Po and the sea, surrounded by colours, atmospheres and flavours that you can only savour here, in the province of Ferrara

You can sample Po Delta Rice, which is grown throughout the area, and Comacchio Eel, which plays an important role in local tradition, celebrated by the “Manifattura dei Marinati”, the old factory where you can witness the entire eel processing cycle. Or Delta Carrots and Radicchio, which are used in many traditional local recipes. The Sacca di Goro, at the border of the province of Ferrara, offers the ideal habitat for its delicious Clams.

This special humid, misty air and salty ground are responsible for the unique character of Bosco Eliceo wines, known as “Sand Wines”: Fortana, Merlot, Sauvignon and Bianco del Bosco. So be sure to drink a toast to good food in the bewitching, changeable Po Delta landscape.

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One of the most important wetland zones in Europe and the largest in Italy, bringing together elements of biodiversity to make a paradise for naturalists, tourists and birdwatchers.

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