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You can still experience all the charm of the Duchy along a flavour route that crosses the Delizie Estensi, the monumental residences that once affirmed the dominion of the Este family over the whole area. Landscapes of the soul that combine untamed nature and the most sophisticated architecture

A triumph of royalty that is also reflected in refined, delicious dishes: the glorious “Salama da sugo”, an original invention fromFerrara, whose intense spicy flavours and aromas harmonize
perfectly with mashed potato. Not to mention “Coppia ferrarese” bread and the splendid Macaroni pie, a triumph of ancient courtly traditions.

The combination of stuffed pasta and butternut squash, a typical Ferrara vegetable, produces another generous, tasty dish: butternut squash Cappellacci. This unusual region’s gastronomic delights continue with two local gems: Voghiera garlic and precious truffles in white, black and bianchetto varieties. And finally, two celebrated desserts: Ferrara “Pampepato” (or “pampapato”) and Tenerina cake, a true chocolate masterpiece.

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