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Churches, baptisteries

The cathedral of Ferrara dates from the 12th century and bears witness to all the historical periods of the city. The outstanding façade, divided into three sections, was begun in Romanesque style, still visible in the lower part
Church of Gesu'
Built for the Jesuits in 1570 to the design ofthe architect Alberto Schiatti, the church has a simple and austere brick façade, divided into two sections and with three portals decorated with marble.
Temple of San Cristoforo alla Certosa
In 1452, Borso d’Este promoted the construction of a Carthusian monastery away from the core of the city.
Church of S. Domenico
TEMPORARILY CLOSED. The Dominican complex, composed of the church and the large monastery, little of which still exists, was located exactly on the line that divided the medieval city from the Renaissance one.
Church of San Francesco
The church, erected in 1594 on a pre-existing Franciscan complex, the church is a masterpiece of the architect Biagio Rossetti.
Church of San Giorgio
The presence of the church, dedicated to the patron saint of the city, is documented as long ago as the 10th century.
Church of Santa Maria in Vado
Of ancient origins, the church was built near a ford (vado in Italian) that crossed one of the many canals that intersected the area.
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