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Where the river once flowed

Until the 12th century, Via Ripagrande was the main branch of the Po that today runs a few kilometres away to the north of the city.
Where the river once flowed

It originally flowed past the southern walls, where in the past a river port handled the shipping of goods. The south of the city was the oldest part and extended along the banks of the river, where various streets along which goods were taken to the marketplace met with it.
This area is still largely intact and offers glimpses of buildings of significant cultural and religious importance. When the course of the main river was re-routed to the north of the city, the riverbed gradually narrowed and new buildings were erected; later, Duke Borso had the area encircled by the city walls to create a new quarter.

THE ITINERARY IN BRIEF: CASTELLO ESTENSE (starting point of the route) Palazzo Paradiso, Chiesa di San Gregorio, Casa di Stella dell’Assassino, Monastero di Sant’Antonio in Polesine, Palazzo Costabili-Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Byzantine Castrum, Via XX Settembre, Casa di Biagio Rossetti,
Chiesa di San Giorgio.

Travel time and technical features

2/4 hours.

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