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The Delizie Hunt

It is possibile to discover the “scenery of the old land” by bike, or by car, stopping at particular places of artistic interest along the route. The roads you will travel are generally very quiet.
The Delizie Hunt

Tot. km 35

The most important Delizie you can visita long the route are: Delizia di Benvignante (Argenta); Delizia di Belriguardo (Voghiera); Delizia del Verginese, (Portomaggiore).
The trail begins at Portomaggiore. Leave the historic centre and proceed west, passing over the railway towards Portorotta. Si esce dal centro storico in direzione ovest oltrepassando la ferrovia in direzione di Portorotta. After 800m, turn left and reach Benvignante, with its crenellated tower, which is open for temporary exhibitions.
Continuing along the trail, following the old route of the SS16 state highway, you arrive at San Nicolò. Here the trail begins to run alongside the Po di Primaro, one of the two main branches of the river Po in the age when Ferrara was founded. Passing the culvert and drainage basin of the San Nicolò-Medelana canal, take the street on the right and follow the signs towards Montesanto-Voghiera. At Voghiera, you can visit the Parish Church, then you can continue towards Voghenza, where just before the entrance to the villane you find the signs for the Archaeological Site. At Voghenza, you find the church of San Leo, the Museum of Historical Model-making, the Massari-Mazzoni private park.
Detour towards Masi San Giacomo - Masi Torello.
Back to the county road, on the right you see the great quad of the you find the Delizia di Belriguardo, one the most illustrious residences of the Este family. Inside, you will find the Archaeological Museum and the Sala della Vigna.
Continue along the county road as far as the settlement called Runco: after the village, proceed along the Strada Esterna Verginese until you come to the Delizia del Verginese, isolated in the countryside.
Detour towards Ostellato
On the way back to Portomaggiore, you find Maiero and Sandolo.

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