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Castles, towers, bell towers


Estense Castle

In Ferrara in 1385, a dangerous revolt convinced Niccolò II d’Este of the need to erect mighty defences for himself and his family thus the Castello di San Michele was built, a fortress erected against the people


Rocca Possente

Built in around the year 1000, it was extended and reinforced by the Este family in 1362.



TEMPORARILY CLOSED. The Fortress, together with Porta Pieve (Pieve Gate) is what remains of the ancient defensive system. The primitive building dates back to 1378 and was constructed on the order of the bishop of Bologna.


Torre della Finanza

The tower was built at the turn of the 18th century to oversee access to the mouth of the Po di Volano and to levy tolls, but also for defence purposes.



Torre Tieni

It was a watch tower, which was used as a military and customs check point...


Torre Palù

This tower dates back to the 18th century and was built to ensure the Canal Bianco drained to the sea.


Torre Abate

Constructed in the 16th Century, this is built on a rectangular plan with five openings.

Este Castle of Mesola

The most important building in the village is certainly the massive and elegant hunting castle built by the last Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso II during the second half of the XVIth Century.

Poggio Renatico

Castle Lambertini

It was built on the order of the Lambertini family in 1475 and 1681. When the power of this family was overshadowed the castle was sold to the Community of the Poggio and today it is the Town Hall.

The towers

In the mediaeval era the vicinity of Poggio Renatico, although still largely wetlands and woods, was fortified by the Bolognese with a line of towers and castles that allowed them to control both fishing and river traffic, as well as giving protection against the expansionist policy of neighbouring Ferrara.

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