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Abbeys, monasteries, sanctuaries


Monastery of Corpus Domini

It keeps the memories of Santa Caterina Vegri together with some tombs of the Este family: among them, the tomb of Lucrezia Borgia

Monastery of Sant'Antonio in Polesine

Set in the heart of the medieval city, the monastery still gives the sense of isolation and tranquillity it did during its early years, when it stood upon an island in the middle of the Po.


Sanctuary of Celletta

The project of the church dates back to 1490. In 1607 it was transformed into a sanctuary by Marco Nicolò Balestri and Gian Battista Aleotti in 1606.


Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Poplar

In the hamlet of Ospitale stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Poplar. Here in 1600, according to tradition, the Madonna appeared among the branches of a tree and spoke to a little deaf-mute girl.


Abbey of Pomposa

A masterpiece of Romanesque art, Pomposa Abbey can be seen from a distance with its towering campanile, which dominates the surrounding countryside like a "lighthouse" in the sea of green that surrounds it.


Sanctuary of S. Maria in Aula Regia

The origins of the venerated Sanctuary of St. Mary’s in Aula Regia date back to the 10th century.

Poggio Renatico

The Abbey of St Michael

Built from 1902 to replace the old one, the current Abbey Church of St Michael the Archangel was built in the place where at one time the Castle Lambertini had its gardens.

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