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'Delizie', the Estense villas

These monumental residences, once immersed in isolated countryside, surprise tourists. Once upon a time, they had a strategic role in the Estense government.

“The residences of the Dukes of Este in the Po Delta area perfectly visualize the Renaissance culture effects on a natural landscape”.

For this reason, UNESCO recognizes this system of family villas and surrounding landscape as the connection knot between Ferrara, city of the Renaissance, and its territory, up to the Po Delta.
The Este Family focused on the construction of roads, canals and villages: the knots of this magnificent network were the so-called “Delizie”. Their name recalls mythical places, where loves, betrayals and tournaments used to take place. The “Delizie” also welcomed the itinerant court, and they had a strategic role in land reclamation, because of their position between land and water.

Ferrara, Palazzo Schifanoia, open to public
Mesola, Castello Estense della Mesola, open to public
Sabbioncello San Vittore, Copparo, Villa della Mensa, open to public
Voghiera, Delizia di Belriguardo, open to public
Gambulaga di Portomaggiore, Delizia del Verginese, open to public
Argenta, Delizia di Benvignante, not open to public
Vigarano Mainarda, Delizia della Diamantina, not open to public
Tresigallo, Palazzo Pio, not open to public

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THE GLORIOUS ESTENSI - The tale of an endeavor that made history

The animation illustrates the role played by nature and Renaissance culture in shaping the landscape of Ferrara, and it is included in the list of activities scheduled by the educational project “Conosci il tuo paesaggio” ( “Know your landscape” ) within the Management Plan of the UNESCO site "Ferrara city of Renaissance and its Po Delta ".
The project is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage and Activities, as stated by law n. 77 \ 20th February 2006: "Special measures for the preservation, enjoyment and sustainable use of the Italian sites of cultural, landscape and environmental interest, included in the 'World Heritage List', placed under the protection of UNESCO".

Educational Animation

Duration: 7:59 minutes

Created by "Paramecio Studio - Ferrara" and "Le Immagini - Ferrara" for the Province of Ferrara

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