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Anse vallive di Porto - Bacino di Bando
The Anse at Porto, established as a nature reserve in 1971, comprises 50 hectares of strips of the land remaining in the Valli del Mezzano.
Oasi di Cannevié
This small salt-water lagoon covers an area of 70 hectares, detached from the reclaimed Valle Gaffaro land.
The Valli di Comacchio - Po Delta Park
Comacchio Lagoons history and nature trail
Valli di Argenta Museum
The Casino di Campotto is a rural building situated at the entrance to the Oasis in via Cardinala.
Boscoforte is a peninsula that stretches for about 6 km from the left bank of the Reno river in the Valli di Comacchio.
Mesola Wood - Po Delta Park
The Gran Bosco della Mesola covers an area of 1,058 hectares which represent the remains of a woodland complex, once much larger, which originated around the year 1000.
Anse Vallive - Po Delta Park
They constitute the only remains of the former marshes that once surrounded the village, saved from the most recent reclamation of the Valle del Mezzano and set up as an 'Animal Sanctuary'.
The Sacca di Goro
The port of Goro looks out onto this wide crescent-shaped cove, with an area of 2000 hectares
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