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Romantic Ferrara

Love and romance in the Estense Ferrara.

Suggerimenti per la Ferrara Romantica

Many love stories and legends have been set in Ferrara: one among others is still alive in our memory.

The story is set at the Este Castle, and it is well-known. Marquis Niccolò III d’Este marries Parisina Malatesta, who was only 15 years-old. Ugo, Niccolo’s older son, really hated the young step-mother, but after a journey to Loreto, his hate turned into a burning passion. The two lovers were soon discovered, and they were beheaded after a rapid trial, and after being hold in the Lions Tower for only 12 hours.

Then, history gives way to legend: the ghosts of the unfortunate couple would still be wandering inside the Este Castle, mourning their terrible fate.

And here stands the Este Castle, an impressive quadrangular building, surrounded by a moat full of water, with its imposing drawbridges. Its origins go back between the XIII and the XIV Centuries; but only at the end of the XV Century, under the domination of Duke Ercole I, the military fortress slowly started to get into a luxury palace. The town and the Castle itself can be admired from many romantic spots, through the drawbridges and the narrow windows.

In spring and summer, the boat trip in the castle moat cannot be missed, as well as the climb to the Lions Tower, which is soon to be re-opened. From the top, the entire town will be at your feet.

For a romantic walk hand in hand with your “very special one”, just leave the Castle behind your shoulders, to get from the Mediaeval to the Renaissance part of Ferrara. You can walk along Corso Ercole I d’Este – one of the most beautiful streets of Europe, traffic-limited, surrounded by Renaissance family palaces, as palazzo dei Diamanti, Palazzo Prosperi-Sacrati and Palazzo Turchi di Bagno. You will reach Parco Massari, as well as the XVI Century gardens of the Este Court. Through the greenways, you can reach the Church of San Cristoforo alla Certosa, and from here you can get to the city walls. From Porta degli Angeli, starts another scenic path. Along Ramari di Belfiore, you can go east, up to Corso Porta Mare, and then visit Piazza Ariostea: the typical Palio di Ferrara takes place here every year, in May.

Many hotels and charme resorts are available in town for a romantic holiday:

Here, you can find which one suits you best >>

The beautiful 5-stars Hotel Duchessa Isabella is the ideal set for a romantic vacation with Spa treatments and restaurant, in an elegant XVI Century palace in the heart of Ferrara.

From Corso Porta Mare, following the ancient walls, you will reach Via Scandiana and Palazzo Schifanoia, the ancient “delight” of the Este Court, which is famous all over the world for its Months Hall – a beautifully frescoed hall, painted by the Ferrarese School in the XVI Century.

The city centre shows a labyrinth of narrow streets, which can be explored following this shorter itinerary,  starting from the Cathedral, right aside the Este Castle. From Piazza Trento e Trieste, the very heart of the town, you can reach Via San Romano and its neighborhood. The most picturesque streets are Via ragno and Via delle Volte. Through Via Ripagrande and Via Boccaleone, Piazzetta San Michele, you will reach the Piazzetta Fratelli Bartolucci. It is a small private square, which looks a bit like Montmartre, where some famous painters used to live in the past: the Filippi Brothers, who worked both at the Cathedral and at the Este Castle, actually lived there. Until the last century, the wine bar inside this square has been a meeting point for many local artists; nowadays, an antiques shop is still there.

… This is Ferrara!

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