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Ferrara in Jazz


From October to April the Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid round tower along the Renaissance city walls, becomes a venue for jazz lovers
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Since 1999, the Jazz Club is hosted by the beautiful Torrione di San Giovanni, which is a part of the city walls. There, it is possible to enjoy about 70 concerts, from September to late April.

Many important characters of the international jazz panorama have played there, making one of the best European jazz clubs out of it.
Many collaborations have been organized in the last few years: with Ferrara Musica, Ferrara Arte, Conservatorio G. Frescobaldi, Memorial Mirto Govoni, Crossroads - Jazz e altro in Emilia-Romagna and Bologna Jazz Festival.

On stage the major interpreters on the national and international scene give this place the typical atmosphere of the classic jazz clubs.


Friday February 2nd, 9.30pm
Ferdinando Romano Invisible Painters
Federico Calcagno, clarinet and bass clarinet; Valentin Gerhardus, piano and synthesizers; Ferdinando Romano, double bass, synthesizers and electronics; Avoid Polidoro, drums

Saturday February 3rd, 9.15pm
Michael Formanek's Give and Take
Michael Attias, alto sax; Alexander Hawkins, piano; Michael Formanek, double bass; Devin Gray, drums

Sunday February 4th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Istantanea cLab
Gaspare De Vito, electronics; BlackHole unLTD aka Alfonso Santimone, electronics

Friday February 9th, 9.30pm
Francesco Ponticelli Megapascal
Francesco Zanisi, piano; Samuele Cyma, guitar; Francesco Ponticelli, double bass; Giovanni Iacovella, drums

Saturday February 10th, 9.15pm
Antonio Faraò Trio
Antonio Faraò, piano; Carlo Bavetta, double bass; Vladimir Kostadinovic, drums

Sunday February 11th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Biagio Marino/Zeno De Rossi Duo
Biagio Marino, guitar; Zeno De Rossi, drums

Friday February 16th, 9.30pm
Presentation of Michele Bordoni's photographic book
Black and White Notes Vol.1
+ In collaboration with 7 Virtual Jazz Club
Dekel Epstein, saxophones; Shauli Shoub, piano; Jonathan Heruti, double bass; Shany Dar, drums

Saturday February 17th, 9.15pm
Alessandro Lanzoni, piano; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Jeff Ballard, drums

Sunday February 18th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
The grace of the formless
Marta Raviglia, voice; Giulia Barba, saxophones and bass clarinet, electronics

Friday February 23rd, 9.30pm
Cristiano Calcagnile Anokhi
Giorgio Pacorig, piano; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Cristiano Calcagnile, drums

Saturday February 24th, 9.15pm
Massimo Faraò Trio Meets Sandy Patton
Sandy Patton, vocals; Massimo Faraò, piano; Davide Palladin, guitar; Nicola Barbon, double bass

Sunday February 25th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Thunder Tiger
Giulio Stermieri, keyboards; Nicola Govoni, electric bass; Fausto Negrelli, drums

Friday March 1st, 9.15pm
Toninho Horta Quartet
Toninho Horta, guitar and vocals; Pietro Tonolo, tenor sax, soprano sax and flute; Alfredo Paixao, electric bass; Jorge Rossy, drums

Saturday March 2nd, 9.15pm
Ethan Iverson Trio
Ethan Iverson, piano; Thomas Morgan, double bass; Kush Abadey, drums

Sunday March 3rd, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
The Knights of the Cornetto
Andrea Inghisciano, cornet and flute; David Brutti, cornet and flute; Simone Vebber, spinet

Friday March 8th, 9.15pm
Alex Hitchcock Dream Band
Hermon Mehari, trumpet; Alex Hitchcock, tenor sax; Lex Korten, piano; Orlando Le Flemig, double bass; JK Kim, drums

Saturday March 9th, 9.15pm
Roberto Ottaviano Eternal Love People
Roberto Ottaviano, soprano sax; Marco Colonna, clarinets; Alexander Hawkins, piano; Giovanni Maier, double bass; Zeno De Rossi, drums

Sunday March 10th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Testa No!
Francesco Guerri, cello; Andrea Grillini, drums

Friday March 15th, 9.15pm
Aaron Goldberg Trio
Aaron Goldberg, piano; Matt Penman, double bass; Joe Santoro, drums

Saturday March 16th, 9.15pm
In collaboration with Crossroads – Jazz and more in Emilia-Romagna
Marc Copland Quartet Someday
Marc Copland, piano; Robin Verheyen, tenor sax; Stéphan Kerecki, double bass; Anthony Pinciotti, drums

Sunday March 17th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Mirco Ballabene, double bass and electronics; Massimiliano Furia, percussion and objects

Friday March 22nd, 9.15pm
Bobby Watson New Quintet
Wallace Roney Jr., trumpet; Bobby Watson, alto sax; Jordan Williams, piano; Curtis Lundy, double bass; Victor Jones, drums

Saturday March 23rd, 9.15pm
Miguel Zenon Quartet
Miguel Zenon, alto sax; Luis Perdomo, piano; Hans Glawischnig, double bass; Henry Cole, drums

Sunday March 24th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Gino Robair “Radical Divination”
An opera of augury through papermaking
Mario Mazzaro, double bass and electric bass; Luigi Borgogno, electronics and drum machines

Friday March 29th, 9.30pm
Tom Ollendorff Hopen House
Feat. Tim Garland
Tim Garland, tenor sax; Tom Ollendorff, guitar; Conor Chaplin, double bass; Marc Michel, drums

Saturday March 30th, 9.30pm
In collaboration with Crossroads – Jazz and more in Emilia-Romagna
Maria Pia De Vito This Woman's Work
Maria Pia De Vito, vocals and electronics; Mirco Rubegni, trumpet; Giacomo Ancillotto, guitar and electronics; Matteo Bortone, bass and electronics; Avoid Polidoro, drums

Friday April 5th, 9.30pm
Joel Frahm Trio
Joel Frahm, tenor sax; Dan Loomis, double bass; Ernesto Cervini, drums

Saturday April 6th, 9.30pm
Mark Turner Quartet
Jason Palmer, trumpet; Mark Turner, tenor sax; Joe Martin, double bass; Jonathan Pinson, drums

Sunday April 7th, 9.00 pm
Francesco Bigoni, tenor sax and clarinet; Francesco Diodati, guitar; Benoit Delbecq, piano; Steve Arguelles, drums

Friday April 12th, 9.30pm
Rachel Z Trio feat. Omar Hakim & Johnathan Toscano
Rachel Z, piano; Johnathan Toscano, double bass; Omar Hakim, drums

Saturday April 13th, 9.30pm
James Brandon Lewis
Code of Being
James Brandon Lewis, tenor sax; Aruan Ortiz, piano; Brad Jones, double bass; Chad Taylor, drums

Sunday April 14th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Pietro Fabris alone; Pietro Fabris, violin

Friday April 19th, 9.30pm
Tia Fuller Quartet
Tia Fuller, alto sax and vocals; Roberto Tarenzi, piano; Luca Fattorini, double bass; Marco Valeri, drums

Saturday April 20th, 9.30pm
Thobias Meinhart Quartet
Tobias Meinhart, tenor sax; Eden Ladin, piano; Matt Penman, double bass; Obed Calvaire, drums

Sunday April 21st, 9.30pm
In collaboration with 7 Virtual Jazz Club
Nosax Noclar
Julien Stella, clarinets; Bastien Weeger, saxophones

Friday April 26th, 9.30pm
Lorenzo Simoni Quartet
Lorenzo Simoni, alto sax; Guglielmo Santimone, piano; Giulio Scianatico, double bass; Simone Brilli, drums

Saturday April 27th, 9.30pm
Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke
Gretchen Spoken, vocals; Lionel Loueke, guitar

Sunday April 28th, 9.30pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra
Alfonso Santimone, direction; Piero Bittolo Bon, direction

Tuesday April 30th, 9.30pm
Ferrara and jazz: yesterday, today, tomorrow
International Jazz Day
Emanuele Rossi Award
+ Roaring Twnties Jazz Band plus Guests
Leo Carboni, trumpet; Bruno Fregna, clarinet and soprano sax; Giacomo Scanavini, trombone; Andrea Zardi, piano; Tiberio Bragaglia, banjo; Giordano Giordani, acoustic bass; Roberto Bergamini, drums. Guests: Carlo Atti, tenor sax
+ Wilko Jazz Trio
Stefano Calzolari, piano; Paolo Ghetti, double bass; Lele Barbieri, drums
+ Zappa Sensations
Kiana Marie Meier, Silvia Fiume, Stefano Asioli, voices; Marco Porcelluzzi, tenor sax; Leonardo Dalla Cort, keyboards; Davide La Rosa, guitar; Stefano Malizia, electric bass; Riccardo Cascino, drums; Roberto Manuzzi, arrangements and direction

Friday May 3rd, 9.30pm
Michele Polga Quartet
Michele Polga, tenor sax; Alessandro Lanzoni, piano; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Bernardo Guerra, drums

Saturday May 4th, 9.30pm
Dejan Terzic Axiom
Chris Speed, tenor sax and clarinet; Bojan Z, piano and Fender Rhodes; Matt Penman, double bass; Dejan Terzic, drums

Sunday May 5th, 9.30pm
In collaboration with the “G. Frescobaldi” of Ferrara
Songs From The Unknown
Erasmus + Blended Intensive Program (BIP)
edited by Prof. Achille Succi - with the participation of the students of the “G Frescobald” Conservatory of Ferrara
Taller de Músics Escola Superior d'Estudis Musicals in Barcelona
Lusíada University of Lisbon
Jāzepa Vītola Latvijas Mūzikas Akadēmija of Riga
The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław


Jazz Club Ferrara - Torrione San Giovanni - Via Rampari di Belfiore, 167 - nei dispositivi GPS impostare indirizzo: Corso Porta Mare, 112) Ferrara


Until May, 5th 2024


Ferrara Jazz Club is linked to Endas association: it is necessary to own a guest pass, in order to enter the club. It is possible to get a guest pass before the events.


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