La Giostra del Monaco

Folklore and festivals

Archery and crossbow tournaments, music, dance, and a knight single combat to gain the title of Este Paladin
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A mediaeval re-enactment which takes place in the beautiful area of the Baluardo della Fortezza (Viale IV Novembre) where the ancient Castle Tedaldo used to stand.
There will be a Medieval camp with daily life scenes, duels, archery and crossbow tournaments, the merchants' street, and a tavern where it will be possible to taste local specialities.
Flag-waving games, musicians, fire-eaters, ladies and knights lead the visitors through the evocative atmosphere of the Middle Ages.
The most important event is the “Giostra del Monaco” where the knights fight for the title of Paladin.


Daily openings
The white eagle tavern
Open every day from 19.30; Sunday August 26th, Saturday August 31st, Sunday September 1st open at lunchtime as well (from 12.30).
The Monk’s Tavern – Hostaria del Foionco
Open every day from 18.30 – Saturday and Sunday from 17.00
The Merchant Street
Open every day from 19.00 – Saturday and Sunday from 17.00
Corte dei Giuochi
Open every day from 18.30 – Saturday and Sunday from 15.00
Pony Rides
Pony rides every day, from 18,00 to 22,00; Saturday and Sunday also from 10.30 to 12.30
Mediaeval Camp every day, open to public from 19.00 to 23.00. Mediaeval Market on the first weekend by Schola Homini Burgi.
Arena del Baluardo
Every day from 18.30, laboratories for kids. From 21,00, thetre shows and jonglers. Historical parades and recollections. 

Events and Shows:

>Thursday, August 22nd
18,30: Opening of the Monk’s Joust, 15th edition
Opening of the Taverns , of the Mediaeval Camp and starting of the Pony Rides
>Friday, August 23rd
21.00: Opening gala
21.30 and 22.00: Historical Parades and Archery Games
>Saturday, August 24th
18.00: III° tournament "Scudo e randello", with the <participation of the Palio di Ferrara
18.30: Historical Parade by Compagnia dell’Aquila Bianca
19.30 and 20.30: enterteinment for the kids
20.30: “A travel in time”. Guided tour with enterteinment in the Mediaeval Camp
21.30: Celtic Night. Concert by the Cisalpipers
> Sunday, August 25th
19.30: Regional Archery tournament “Terre e Castelli Estensi”
15.30: Archery Tournament "Tiro Speciale" III° Memorial  Mauro Poltronieri
18.30: Joust by Compagnia dell’Aquila Bianca
20.30: “A travel in time”. Guided tour with enterteinment in the Mediaeval Camp
19.30 and 20.30: Enterteinment for the kids
Ore 21.30: "Soul of fire" Fire Show by Compagnia “Teatro Lunatico”
>Monday, August 26th
19.30: Opening of the White Eagle Tavern
21.30: “Sessualità nel medioevo” Conference by dott.ssa Anna Fortini
>Tuesday, August 27th
21.30 “Processo a Lucrezia Borgia". (Lucrezia Borgia trial)
>Wednesday, August 28th
Ore 21.30: Comedy Show by Andrea Poltronieri
>Thursday, August 29th
ore 18.30: Puppet Show
Ore 20.30: A travel in time”. Guided tour with enterteinment in the Mediaeval Camp
Ore 21.30: Puppet Show
> Friday, August 30th
19.30 and 20,30: Enterteinment for the kids
Ore 21,30: Renaissance dance
>Saturday, August 31st
19.30: Enterteinment for the kids
21.30: Historical procession of the marquis Azzo VII  d’Este.
Fire Show by Group Este Medievale
22,30: Recollection of the Cassano d’Adda Battle.
>Sunday September 1st
Ore 17,00: V° Trofeo di "Bagordo italico" heavy armed battle by Guarnigione Castel Tedaldo and Major Milizia
Ore 18,00: Medieval Music by Daridel Pagan Folk
Ore 18.30: Monk’s joust: equestrian contention with a mace between the cities of the White Eagle
Ore 20.30 Show and animation for children
Ore 21: "White Eagle Tournament" and Archery tournament
Ore 21.30: “Mi son perso nel medioevo” show by Fabius: jester, juggler, fakir and acrobat
Ore 22.30: Medieval Music by “Daridel”
Ore 23: Final ceremony and bonfire e collective dance


Ferrara - Baluardo della Fortezza, Viale IV novembre


From August 22nd to September 1st,  2019


All day from 18.30. Saturday and Sunday from 12.30.


Free entrance

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