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La Giostra del Monaco

Folklore and festivals

Archery and crossbow tournaments, music, dance, and a knight single combat to gain the title of Este Paladin
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A mediaeval re-enactment which takes place in the beautiful area of the Baluardo della Fortezza (Viale IV Novembre) where the ancient Castle Tedaldo used to stand.

There will be a Medieval camp with daily life scenes, duels, archery and crossbow tournaments, the merchants' street, and a tavern where it will be possible to taste local specialities.

Flag-waving games, musicians, fire-eaters, ladies and knights lead the visitors through the evocative atmosphere of the Middle Ages.
The most important event is the “Giostra del Monaco” where the knights fight for the title of Paladin.


Ferrara - Baluardo di Santa Maria, Viale IV Novembre


From August 25th to September 4th,  2022


All day from 18.30. Saturday and Sunday from 12.30.


Free entrance

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