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Famous people

Throughout the province

De Chirico Giorgio

Giorgio De Chirico was born on 10th July 1888 in Volos, the capital of Thessaly (Greece). His father Evaristo was an engineer and his mother, Gemma Cervetto, a noblewoman of Genoese origin.

Del Cossa Francesco

Considered as the artist who pioneered the Renaissance in Ferrara, Francesco del Cossa (1430ca-1485) follows in the footsteps of Cosmè Tura,

Garofalo - Benvenuto Tisi

Benvenuto Tisi or Il Garofalo (Ferrara 1481 - September 6, 1559) was a Late-Renaissance-Mannerist Italian painter of the School of Ferrara. Garofalo's career began attached to the court of the Duke d'Este.

Cosmè Tura

Painter, miniaturist and sculptor, Cosmè Tura (1430 – 1495) is considered the initiator of the fifteenth century Ferrara School of painting.

Filippo de Pisis

Filippo de Pisis was the real name of Luigi Tibertelli and he chose it in remembrance of his 15th-century forbear Filippo da Pisa, a condottiere.

Michelangelo Antonioni

It was in Ferrara, where Antonioni spent the most serene period of his life, that the initial contact with the world of spectacle took place when he organised a student campaign in which he staged works by Pirandello, Ibsen and Chekhov.

Giovanni Boldini

Having received his first artistic lessons from his father Antonio, a painter and restorer, Giovanni Boldini left Ferrara in 1862 to study in Florence, where he frequented the cultural ambience of the Caffè Michelangelo, the well-known meeting point of the Macchiaioli painters.

Giorgio Bassani

Born in Bologna into a well-to-do Ferrarese family of Jewish origin, Giorgio Bassani grew up and completed his secondary education in Ferrara, the city in which all his works of fiction are set.

Ludovico Ariosto

Born in Reggio Emilia in 1474 into a noble Ferrarese family, Ludovico Ariosto settled in Ferrara in 1484.

Torquato Tasso

Son of Bernardo Tasso, a man of letters from Bergamo, he spent his childhood in the Kingdom of Naples. In 1556, he joined his father in Rome and followed him as he wandered through the courts of Ravenna, Pesaro, Urbino, then to Venice and Padua where he stayed until 1565.

Riccardo Bacchelli

Narrator, poet, essayist and author of theatre scripts. In 1914, he published Poemi Lirici ("Lyric Poems") which right from the start showed his refusal of a purely contemplative treatment of poetry.

De Roberti Ercole

The paintings clearly witness to this artist of Ferrara being strongly influenced by Cosmè Tura and Francesco del Cossa.

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