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Parks and natural reserves


Anse Vallive - Po Delta Park

They constitute the only remains of the former marshes that once surrounded the village, saved from the most recent reclamation of the Valle del Mezzano and set up as an 'Animal Sanctuary'.


Anse vallive di Porto - Bacino di Bando

The Anse at Porto, established as a nature reserve in 1971, comprises 50 hectares of strips of the land remaining in the Valli del Mezzano.

Oasi di Porto Trava

The Trava Oasis is made up of a series of islets linked by wooden bridges.


Panfilia Wood

It is situated in a wide high-water bend of the river Reno, subject to periodical floods. It was born about three centuries ago and now has an extension of 81 ha.

Throughout the province

Area of the Po Delta Park - Stazione 1

The Volano – Mesola – Goro station is the northernmost part of the Po Delta Park in Emilia-Romagna, covering over 12,000 hectares.

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