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Curch of the Suffrace - S. Antonio Church

Church of Suffrage i salso called Church of Saint Antony from Padua was built in 1644.
Curch of the Suffrace - S. Antonio Church

It was renovated in the second half of 1900s and part of its original look was lost.
Inside the old wooden altars of the nave and other parts were lost but fortunately the major altarpiece triptych occupyng the back wall was saved.

The central painting shows the Madonna with Child, Saint Antony giving the souls in purgatory some water from a vase and it is indeed one of the most beatiful and interesting remnants of Comacchio’s heritage.

It is rich in colour and feeling and is a rare piece of work by the painter Antonio Randa from Bologna (15771-1650), a pupil of Guido Reni.


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