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Abbey of Pomposa
A masterpiece of Romanesque art, Pomposa Abbey can be seen from a distance with its towering campanile, which dominates the surrounding countryside like a "lighthouse" in the sea of green that surrounds it.
Ferrara, city of the Renaissance, UNESCO World Heritage
Lying in the middle of the Po Valley, Ferrara still has the atmosphere of the past, which blends in harmoniously with the lively atmosphere of the present.
Cycle tourism
Discover all the cycle routes "towards" "around" and "in" Ferrara, complete with descriptions, maps and technical notes.
Po Delta Park
One of the most important wetland zones in Europe and the largest in Italy, bringing together elements of biodiversity to make a paradise for naturalists.
All the products described faithfully respect local gastronomic traditions, recipes, curiosities...
'Delizie', the Estense villas
These monumental residences, once immersed in isolated countryside, surprise tourists. Once upon a time, they had a strategic role in the Estense government.
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