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Pear Festival

Folklore and festivals

At Vigarano Pieve, in September, a whole Festival is dedicated to Pear, the queen of Ferrarese agriculture
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Gastronomic festival dedicated to the pear.

A rich menu, entirely pear-based, will be available. From first courses to desserts, without missing the starters: everything will be prepared with different qualities of pear. Many typical dishes of the Ferrarese cuisine will be also available.
A market with agricultural products will be also organized.
Starters: Pork meat with Pinzin – Pear and cheese
First courses: Lasagne with pear and truffle - Tortelli with pear - Cappellacci (meat sauce, butter and sage) - Cappelletti (truffle, broth, cream or meat sauce)
Second courses: Straccetti with pear and balsamic vinegar  - Bocconcini with pear – Grilled meat - Salamina with mashed potatoes - Cotoletta with truffle - – Beef “Tagliata”
Side courses: Grilled vegetables – Fried potatoes – Salad with pear and nuts – Mashed potatoes
Desserts: Pear Gelato  - Pear and chocolate pie  - Zuppa inglese – Tagliatellina pie.

Info: +39 345 6890018 -


Vigarano Pieve - Campo parrocchiale, via Mantova 120


September, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th - October, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th


Opening of the stand: 7.30 pm

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