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The museums of Ferrara and its province

The cultural heritage of the province of Ferrara spanning natural sites, history, art and thousand-year old traditions.

The double UNESCO recognition "Ferrara, the Renaissance city and its Po Delta" that occurred in two phases (the first in 1995 and the second in 1999) has led to the city and region's listing in the World Heritage List. This acknowledges the intact value of the Renaissance city enclosed within the monumental walls, the natural landscape, the extra-urban residences of the Este dukes, the Po Delta and the exceptional cultural panorama that preserves a great deal of its original aspects.

The museums presented in this section are the dynamic expression of a multi-faceted identity and fruit of the interaction between culture and nature that extends from the town centre to villages and inhabited centres and to the rivers and the sea. They tell the story of the centuries and the populations that have inhabited these sites in the quest for a balance between the land and the sea.

Archaeological MuseumsArchaeological Museums

Museum of Ancient ArtMuseum of Ancient, Renaissance and Baroque Art

Museum of Modern Art  Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Open air museumsOpen air museums and historical-nature paths

Eco-museumsEco-museums and visitor centers of the Park of the Po Delta

Museums of natural scienceMuseums of natural science

Museums of HistoryMuseums of History

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