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The innovative Bike Map for cycling tourists has arrived

An exclusive patent for bike lovers
The handlebar map

Innovation isn’t always digital; the proof is the patent recently applied for by Ferrara Provincial Council, which transforms a simple map into a handy tool for cycling trips – all based on clear and detailed cartography, combined with a super convenient road book with step-by-step directions and distances of the route. As well as the characteristic perforations that enable installation of the bike map on any handle bars, the tool is completed by a list of services, including bike hire and repair shops, and places to eat along the route.

The first handlebar map was created to document the route from the historical centre of Ferrara to the Mill on the Po at Ro Ferrarese, an itinerary of roughly 23 km. From the Mill, it is often possible to board a boat for the return journey to the city, making it a half-day excursion, including a stop for lunch.

The second edition of map, available in Italian, English and German, is dedicated to the Po Delta area, in particular the Comacchio lagoons; from the beaches of the Lidi, in fact, the bike map leads you on a breathtaking journey, on which you will hardly fail to miss the hundreds of pink flamingos on the Comacchio salt flats, across the evocative valley landscape dotted with historical buildings and the indelible imprint of bygone times.

The maps, already available in the tourist information offices across the province and at tourist accommodation in Ferrara and the Comacchio Lidi, are given out free of charge, or you can request a copy by e-mail to the following address:

This initiative immediately piqued the interest of the authorities from the surrounding areas, who have asked for a patent concession to replicate the idea in Bologna, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Faenza and Forlì. Ready, set, go! then to the novelty of the summer, able to provide new emotions to lovers of bikes and the beach.

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