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Pear from Emilia-Romagna - IGP

The area of Ferrara overlooking the Po dominates pear production both in terms of quality and quantity.
Pear from Emilia-Romagna - IGP

Pears from Emilia-Romagna, although frequently eaten simply fresh are also often used as ingredients in sweets, fruit salad and even savoury dishes. A classic countryside dish consists of eating pears along with quite well-seasoned cheeses.
The Pear of Emilia Romagna has been granted GPI status due to its organoleptic qualities.

Product Type

  • Traditional products
  • The 17 pearls
  • Products with european acknowledgements

In depth examination

PEAR FESTIVAL in September at Vigarano Pieve (di Vigarano Mainarda). Info: tel. 0532 436426.

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