Christmas in Ferrara 2019 and New Year’s Eve 2020

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Events for kids and adults in the city centre: markets, shows, themed exhibitions, and much more
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A rich schedule to celebrate Christmas in Ferrara: markets, shows and many events for kids, in a joyful atmosphere.


> November 16th 2019 – January 6th 2020, from 9.00 to 20.00
Piazza Trento Trieste
FESTA DEL REGALO – Christmas themed market
Piazza Trento Trieste turns into a big open market, where citizens and tourists can taste typical products or buy arts and crafts, books, Christmas decorations. To stay always updated, check them on the socials: @festadelregalo e l’hashtag #festadelregalo e #festadelregaloferrara.
> December 14th - Piazza Trento Trieste
5.30 PM “I bambini cantano il Natale” – Children sing Christmas
> December 15th Piazza Trento Trieste
10.30 AM “Christmas Walk”
12.00 Children Fest (until 5.30 PM)
5.00 PM Concert of the “Piccoli Cantori di San Francesco”
Palazzo Crema
5.45 PM “The Nativity”, the Nativity show, by  Associazione Genitori “Luigi e Zelia Martin in collaboration with Arcidiocesi di Ferrara-Comacchio, Fondazione Estense, il Centro Culturale Umana Avventura, la Fondazione Enrico Zanotti
> December 19th - Piazza Cattedrale
5.00  PM “Verso un Natale Multietnico” Concert – organized by Caritas Ferrara e Comacchio
> December 21st - Piazza Trento Trieste
5.30 PM  “Gospel & Spiritual Concert” by Casanova Venice Ensemble
> December 29th - Castello Estense
3.00 Events and animation at the Castle (closing at 00.00) In collaboration with FEshionEventi
> December 30th - Teatro Nuovo
8.30 PM “#Music&Young”,  young artists - music contest – Art direction, Rossano Scanavini
> December 31st - Palazzo Municipale
6.00 PM “Aperitif dinner at the Palace’”
9.00 PM “Gran Buffet at the Palace”
-Castello Estense
7.00 PM “At dinner with the Este”
7.00 PM “Gala dinner at the Castle”
-Ridotto Teatro Comunale
7.00 PM “Gala dinner at the Theatre”
-Teatro Nuovo
8.30 PM “Makkeroni a Capodanno, Makkeroni tutto l’Anno” – In collaboration with Stileventi
-Piazza Castello
9.00 PM Show presented by Laura Padovani (Radio Bruno) and Nicola Franceschini (Telestense), New Years Evening at Piazza Castello. Animation by Scuola Zoo. At 9.30 PM, a concert by Banda Giuliano, and Riflesso Band, until midnight.
Fireworks show – the Fire of the Castle – and animation again by Scuola Zoo. A DJ set will play until 3.oo in the morning.
0.00 “The last moon“ The fire of the Este Castle
00.30 AM “Scuola ZOO DJ Set” (until 03.00)
> January 1st - Castello Estense
12.30 “The first Lunch”
> January 6th Piazza Trento Trieste
3.00 PM“Befana a 4 Zampe”
4.00 PM “Bau Walk”, in collaboration with FEshion Eventi
5.30 the Charity Lottery, In collaboration with Agire Sociale


Ferrara, centro storico


November, 16th, 2019 – January, 6th, 2020


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