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The typical eel fishing takes place only during winter. According to tradition this occurs after the "scuro dei morti"(the beginning of November). The fishing dates are uncertain because it all depends on the atmospheric conditions: the more the waters are rough greater is the possibility that the eels decide to flee seawards. The valley “lavorieri” (weirs), positioned at the mouth of the canals that connect the valleys to the sea, are real traps made to catch eels.


A dark greyish-greenish spot moves appearing and disappearing in the water. If you are lucky you can see the catching of the eels while they try to flee towards the sea


When the waters are calmer and slightly rough you can perceive the water hardly moving when the eel that is swimming sinuously and silently passes to escape from the skilled fishermen’s traps and flee towards the sea.


The odour of the water and fish gets stronger and more intense in the places where the famous eels are usually caught. Real and authentic odours that fill your nostrils


Days and times of the excursion:

From 01/04 to 04/06
Saturday  4pm
Sunday 9am
From 10/06 to 02/09
Saturday  5pm
From 03/09 to 15/10
Saturday  2.30pm
Sunday 9am

Departure: Via dello Squero, Comacchio

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