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Discovering the “hidden” Ferrara through the ancient waterways. An amazing trip on a small boat to visit the city slowly, admiring the Renaissance buildings and medieval churches from an unusual perspective. Along the lush banks, it will be also possible to see gardens, orchards, and small hamlets, and discover secret views that cannot be seen from the normal city streets; all this while relaxing drinking an aperitif.


Fields and orchards appear through the thick vegetation along the blue waters, as well as small hamlets, medieval churches, and unusual views that cannot be seen from the normal city streets.


You can relax on the boat that slowly sails along the river, with the sounds of nature and life from the surrounding hamlets and fields.


The natural scent of the grass from the fields will combine with the one of the excellent aperitif served on the boat.


Departure: Via Darsena, 57 Ferrara

Prices: €14 adults, Children 3-10 anni 50 % discount

Info: NENA S.A.S di Georg Sobbe - Tel. +39 347 7139988 - Mail:

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