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Leaving at dawn the fleet of fishing boats, of one of the most important fishing industries of Emilia Romagna region, represents an important economical and tourist point of interest


The blue water hides fish that move fast to escape the skilful fishermen’s hands. Then a full net rises and the boat is filled with slippery creatures with different hues of grey. The fish market starts, taking advantage of the fresh haul just pulled out of the waters


The noise of the nets that fall under the weight and spill the caught fish on the boat, give way to the sound of the animals wiggling and shaking their bodies one against the other. Meanwhile you can hear the voices of people rushing towards the fishermen trying to buy the fresh haul


The exhalations of water and fish fills everyone’s nostrils. The smell is even stronger when the fish has just been caught

From 7 to 9, along the port, it is possible to watch at the cleaning of the nets: the fish are removed from the nets directly onboard the boats returning from the hauling. It is possible to buy fish directly from the boats.

Info: Iat Comacchio - Tel. +39 0533 314154

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