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Accompanied by a professional instructor you can travel along the Valleys of Comacchio gliding on the water. A breathtaking experience that, from Stazione Foce, will lead you inside the Fattibello, Spavola and Capre Valleys.


Green and blue are the par excellence colours of nature. Water, sky, and nature. The colours of beauty!


The boat and oars buffet the water while the wind blows slightly passing through your hair, the crowns of the trees and plants on the banks


The odour of the surrounding nature is transported by the light breeze, while the strong scent of the water surrounding the boat persists.

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06/05 - 04/06
Saturday 4.30 pm
07/06 - 19/08
Wednesday and Saturday 5.30 pm
23/08 - 07/10
Wednesday and Saturday 4.30 pm

Departure from: Stazione Foce, Valli di Comacchio, Restaurant Bettolino di Foce

Po Delta Tourism - Tel: +39 0533 81302 - +39 346 5926555

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