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The pure-bred Camargue Delta horses of the horse breeding farm Spiaggia Romea, thanks to their docile character, are ideal for relaxing riding immersed in the nature of the Po Delta Park. Accompanied by an expert guide, you can ride a horse in an extraordinarily appealing environment.


Visiting the Po Delta territory while riding a docile horse, will allow you to admire the charm of the local nature from an unusual perspective.


The gait of the horse, sometimes slow sometimes fast, creates different and pleasant rhythms in the silence and peace of nature. The noise of the hooves is louder on the cobblestone of the streets, while it is muffled on the soft grass.


The scent of the surrounding nature and the strong odour of hay coming from the horse will fill you with a powerful sense of freedom.


Days and times of excursion:

15/01 - 15/05 e 01/10 - 21/12
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9.30 am, 11 am
16/05 – 30/09
Tuesday, Thursday 9 am, 10.30 am


Departure: Lido delle Nazioni - Riding centre Hotel Club Spiaggia Romea

PRICE: 25,00 €

Po Delta Tourism - Tel. +39 0533 81302 - Cell. 346 5926555 - Mail:

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