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History and culture routes

Throughout the province

The Delizie Hunt

It is possibile to discover the “scenery of the old land” by bike, or by car, stopping at particular places of artistic interest along the route. The roads you will travel are generally very quiet.

The Mediaeval Centre

From the Middle Ages to today, the area around the Cathedral has always been the focus of the city life.

The Renaissance Addition

Throughout the Middle Ages and almost to the end of the 15th Century, the northern boundary of the city ran along the current road System of Viale Cavour-Corso Giovecca.

The Walls

The walls, stretching for nine kilometres, surround Ferrara almost entirely, forming one of the most comprehensive and varied routes in Italy.

Tresigallo, a XXth Century town

Tresigallo is known as the capital city of Rationalistic Architecture, and it is the result of a very modern city planning.

Visit Cento

Cento is a small capital of art and cuisine, with its many porticoes.

Where the river once flowed

Until the 12th century, Via Ripagrande was the main branch of the Po that today runs a few kilometres away to the north of the city.

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