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Guided tours


Ferrara Discovery tours

Guided walking tours with a licensed professional tourist guide. Medieval Ferrara and its Jewish Ghetto - The Jewish cemetery and The Garden of the Finzi-Continis - Palazzo Schifanoia: the Hall of the Months, and more at the Este Court - Banksy. The contemporary world in his art: Discover some of Ferrara's unique highlights and places. Itineraries / visits for kids & adults in English, German, Italian, and Spanish


A Journey into the Placid Waters of the Po

Excursion by Po Delta Tourism


On horseback in the heart of Po Delta Park

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

Excursions by boat in the Comacchio Lagoons

Boat excursion on the Lagoon with a stop at the traditional “casoni”

The Comacchio's Lagoons by canoe

Excursions in the Delta by Po Delta Tourism

Sailing from the sea to the Lagoons

Excursions organised by PO DELTA TOURISM in the Comacchio Lagoons

Bio-Tour to the Po River Mouth

Guided tours by Po Delta Tourism

Bike and Boat in Comacchio's Lagoons and old saltwork

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

From Comacchio to the lagoons: the eel fishing spots

Guided tours by Po Delta Tourism

Manifattura dei Marinati - Guided tour and tasting of fish

Guided tour to the ancient pickling factory of eels


Motorboat trip to the mouth of the Po river

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

Birdwatching at the old lighthouse

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism


Bike & Spritz at Mesola Castle

Guided tour by Po Delta Tourism

On the trail of the Mesola Deer

Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve: Guided tours by electric coach.

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Ferrara Bike

Discover the section dedicated to Cycle tourism in the province of Ferrara.

A journey among art, history, nature and flavours!

Escursioni e visite guidate provincia di Ferrara

Excursions and guided tours

Our rich schedule will lead tourists to the artistic highlights of the region, such as castles and city centres. Guided tours into the wildlife will take visitors to the lagoons and to Po Delta Park.

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