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National Archaeological Museum
In compliance with the National Decree (April 1st, 2020), the National Archaeological Museum will be closed to the public until further notice.
Este Castle of Mesola
The most important building in the village is certainly the massive and elegant hunting castle built by the last Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso II during the second half of the XVIth Century.
Abbey of Pomposa
A masterpiece of Romanesque art, Pomposa Abbey can be seen from a distance with its towering campanile, which dominates the surrounding countryside like a "lighthouse" in the sea of green that surrounds it.
Estense Castle
The Estense Castle reopens to the public from Saturday June, 6th. The entrance to the Castle is admitted in limited number: a maximum of 15 visitors every 20 minutes. Reservation is strongly recommended.
The reason for which this singular structure was built lies in the need for defending the city. In fact, the only means of access was from the confluence of the river ways.
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