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Villa della Mensa
This is a monumental complex of great importance, where the bishops of Ferrara stayed until the period of the Napoleonic suppression (1797).
Town Hall
The "sumptuous palace" of Copparo which was commissioned by Ercole II d'Este in order to offer his court a pleasant place in which living was built around 1540-1547 probably by architect Terzo dei Terzi.
Romanesque Church of San Venanzio
The Romanesque church of St. Mary Savonuzzo, otherwise known as the church of San Venanzio, was built in 1344 above an old riverbed, by the orders of Giovanni da Saletta, the local overlord, as shown on the wall plaque on the facade.
The Delizia Tower
Museum "La Tratta"
This museum was set up in an 18th century farmhouse in and houses exhibits relating to the traditions and culture of the Copparo area.
Museo Villa Bighi
Villa Bighi was built in 1963 by the eclectic artist Dante Bighi who used it as his home and gallery.
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