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Multiple events

Slow Spring 2022 Until Jun 19, 2022
Weekends in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, that will allow to enjoy the territory through forms of slow tourism
Celebration of Garibaldi's Landing On Aug 03, 2022
Traditional commemorative celebration
Fashion Fitness Hairstyles On Jul 17, 2022
Italian Air Acrobatic Team On Aug 03, 2022
Dog experience Until Jun 18, 2022
Dog Balance, Swim Dog, Agility, Disco Dog e Dog -Triatholn
Entertainment for children at Lido degli Estensi Until Aug 09, 2022
Moda, danza e acconciature: Remo Brindisi e la regata delle donne On Jul 17, 2022
Fashion parade
La Notte Rosa Until Jul 03, 2022
Star fashion On Aug 07, 2022
Fashion parade On Jul 17, 2022
Meeting the Sea on Lido di undiscovered environment Until Aug 07, 2022
Tale e Quale live On Jul 22, 2022
Mid-august festival at Porto Garibaldi On Aug 14, 2022
Sapore d’estate! On Jun 24, 2022
Moda Fitness Hair styling On Jul 17, 2022
Raduno Vespe – In vespa dall’alba al tramonto On Jun 18, 2022
Comacchio: Valli and Museums

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