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The abbey church, with a portico (narthex) in front of it, richly decorated in terracotta, marble and colourful majolica tiles, was built in between the 8th and 9th centuries and has the appearance of a late Ravenna-style basilica. Some parts are decorated with geometric designs, others with concentric circles and yet others with animal figures and vegetative motifs. In the apsidal vault is the fresco Christ in Glory surrounded by angels, saints and the Virgin Mary, executed by Vitale da Bologna in 1351. Below the fresco appear the Evangelists, the Doctors of the Church and the cycle dedicated to the stories of Saint Eustace. Along the side walls of the central nave runs a rich 14th-century frescoed decoration, arranged in three bands. The upper band shows scenes from the Old Testament, the middle one shows scenes from the New Testament and the lower one, at the level of the arches, scenes from Saint John's Apocalypse. On The wall on the inside of the façade is a representation of the Last Judgement.
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