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Torre della Finanza
The tower was built at the turn of the 18th century to oversee access to the mouth of the Po di Volano and to levy tolls, but also for defence purposes.
Oasi della Garzaia
This is a 5-hectare area owned by Società Eridania, an integral part of the adjacent abandoned sugar factory.
Oasi di Cannevié
This small salt-water lagoon covers an area of 70 hectares, detached from the reclaimed Valle Gaffaro land.
Abbey of Pomposa
A masterpiece of Romanesque art, Pomposa Abbey can be seen from a distance with its towering campanile, which dominates the surrounding countryside like a "lighthouse" in the sea of green that surrounds it.
Bishop’s Palace
The Riviera Cavallotti, the street in downtown Codigoro overlooking the Po di Volano, offers a stupendous view of the river.
Mouth of Po di Volano river
The "Peschiera" is a vast reed thicket that lies to the left before the bridge over the Volano in the locality of the same name.
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