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Download the guides in .pdf format

Explore the wonders of Ferrara and its province with your family and let yourself be transported on a journey through time, where history, art and entertainment come together to provide unforgettable experiences
A valid tool for all those who are about to visit the city with the description of the itineraries (IT and EN)
An invitation to explore the streets of Ferrara and discover them, or rediscover them, through the eyes of the writer
A specific guidebook of Comacchio and its Lidos, with a detailed list of events, bathing establishments and all kind of useful information, complete with splendid pictures.
Brief guide with information about museums and monuments in Ferrara, along the pedestrian roadsigns.
Nine kilometres of walls surround the heart of the city of Ferrara, girdling its historic centre. Created and developed mainly for defensive purposes in the first half of the 12th century, they now exist as an enormous garden to be enjoyed freely by all; a place for meeting, relaxation, well-being and sport.
Guide with detailed information on the monuments and museums in Ferrara, complete with pictures; along with the pedestrian roadsigns sited in the historic centre, this booklet will guide the vistor through the most important areas of the city.
Map of the city's monuments and useful information
A new guide about the numerous films that have been set in the magic land of earth and water: Ferrara and its Province.
The very best tips for cycling around Ferrara and Po Delta Park
Cycling in the province of Ferrara
Cycling route which connects Lake Garda, the rivers Mincio and Po and two city water, Pearl of the Renaissance: Mantua and Ferrara.
The tourist guide of Argenta, Masi Torello, Ostellato, Portomaggiore and Voghiera. A tour of this fascinating territory moulded by the waters of the River Po and the meanders of the Delta.
Tourist guide of the territory between Mesola and Goro. Landscapes between land and water, within the confines of the wonderful Po Delta Park.
A guide which offers a new way to experience Ferrara, getting around like true locals. These five itineraries will let you explore as you pedal, discovering monuments and interesting sites, facts, recipes and history.
Guide to the Alto Ferrarese
Art, history and nature on display
Chiudi menu
Tourist Information