Christmas in Ferrara 2018 and New Year’s Eve 2019

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Events for kids and adults in the city centre: markets, shows, themed exhibitions, and much more
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A rich schedule to celebrate Christmas in Ferrara: markets, shows and many events for kids, in a joyful atmosphere.

Saturday, November 17th, 2018 - Le Voci Sole in concert; lighting of Christmas illumination.
From 5 PM Piazza Trento e Trieste
Official opening of Fideuram Christmas Village and opening of the event Calici d'Autunno, in collaboration with Feshion Eventi. This  will last until Sunday, November 18th.
Saturday, November 24th, 2018
"E lucevan le stelle" – hommage to Luciano Pavarotti.
4.30 PM - Piazza Trento e Trieste
An unmissable appointment with opera music, held by Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti.
5:30 PM - Piazza Cattedrale Lighting of the Christmas Tree
The setting up of the new Christmas Tree is about one of the central themes of Holiday events in Ferrara: sustainability. From 2016, in fact, our Christmas and New Year’s programme has gained the ISO 20121 certification as a Sustainable Event. In front of the Cathedral, with its scenic cover designed by Lorenzo Cutuli, a 16-meters tree donated by the town of Lizzano in Belvedere will be decorated with an inspiration about “recycle”. The lighting of the tree, with a real light cascade, will begin with a show by high school pupils, who will perform dance and music.
Saturday, December 1st, 2018 - Piazza Castello
5:30 and 19:30
Dancing Fountains and Philarmonic Band Ludovico Ariosto
For the first time, the Dancing Fountains show will be performed with live music in Piazza Castello, with the Philarmonic Band Ludovico Ariosto - città di Ferrara, with more than 45 members, directed by M° Stefano Caleffi.
Saturday, December 8th, 2018, 5 PM
Piazza Trento e Trieste
AMF Brass Band in concert
International Christmas songs
Saturday, December 15th, 5 PM
Piazza Trento e Trieste
Children singing Christmas
A concert by kids from the elementary schools: "Sant'Antonio", "San Vincenzo", and the junior school "San Vincenzo" from Ferrara, with traditional Christmas songs.
Saturday, December 22nd, 5 PM
Piazza Trento e Trieste
A Christmas Song
Five musicians together in an unique group: "Only Friends". Ambra Bianchi (voice and flute), Enrico Trevisani (bass), Roberto Poltronieri (guitar), Ricky Doc Scandiani (voice and piano) , Stefano Guarisco (drums) will perform modern Christmas music.
Sunday, December 30th, 8,30 PM
Teatro Nuovo
Closing of "#Music&Young", musical contest for young performers
Second edition of a contest for young musicians, from 14 to 25 years-old.


From November, 17th 2018 to January, 6th, 2019
Piazza Trento Trieste
FESTA DEL REGALO – Christmas Market
The famous "listone", in Piazza Trento Trieste, will turn into a Christmas Market for tourists and citizens during the festivity period, with arts and crafts, typical products,  and Christmas gifts.
To stay updated, it is possible to follow their profile: @festadelregalo and the hashtags: #festadelregalo and #festadelregaloferrara.
Saturday, November 17th:
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 5 PM Le Voci Sole in Concert
- 6 PM Lighting of the Christmas lights
- 6.10 PM Opening of the Fideuram Christmas Village
- 6.30 PM Opening of Calici d'Autunno (open until 11 PM)
Sunday, November 18 th:
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 10 AM Calici d'Autunno (open until 8 PM)
Saturday, November 24th:
Giardino delle Duchesse
- 11.00 AM opening of the Ice Park and of the ice skating rink
Piazza Cattedrale
- 4.30 PM Concert "E lucevan le stelle"
- 5.30 PM Lighting of the Christmas Tree
Saturday, December 1st:
Piazza Castello
- 5.30 PM and 7.30 PM the Dancing Fountains and Philarmonic Band Ludovico Ariosto
Friday, December 7th:
Castello Estense
- 10 AM "Il Castello dei Balocchi" (open until 8.30 PM)
Saturday, December 8th:
Castello Estense
- 10 AM "Il Castello dei Balocchi" (open until 8.30 PM)
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 5 PM AFM Brass Band in Concert
Sunday, December 9th:
Castello Estense
10 AM "Il Castello dei Balocchi" (open until 8.30 PM)
Saturday, December 15th:
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 3 PM "Christmas Walk
- 5 PM  "Children singing Christmas”
Sunday, December 16th:
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 10 AM Bambini in Festa (Open until 7 PM)
Palazzo Costabili
- 4 PM Christmas Concert – “The Nutcracker” Suite, by Bal’Danza
Saturday, December 22nd:
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 5 PM "A Christmas Song", Only Friends in Concert
Saturday, December 29th:
Castello Estense
- 5 PM "The Castle Escape Room" (until 11 PM)
- 11 PM "Special The Castle Escape Room"
Sunday, December 30th:
Teatro Nuovo
- 8.30 PM "#Music&Young", Music Contest for young
Monday, December 31st:
Giardino delle Duchesse
- 6 PM "Scuola ZOO Evento" (open until 11 PM)
Palazzo Municipale
- 6 PM “Aperitif Dinner”
- 9 PM"Gran Buffet at the Palace"
Castello Estense
- 7 PM "Dinner with the Estensi Family"
- 7 PM "New Year’s gala dinner at the Castle"
Ridotto Teatro Comunale
- 7 PM “Gala dinner at the Theatre”
Teatro Nuovo
- 8.30 PM "Makkeroni a Capodanno, Makkeroni tutto l'Anno", show in collaboration with Stileventi
Piazza Castello
- 9.30 PM "Happy New Year", music show
- 00.00 "Tempus" Fireworks at the Estense Castle
- 00.30 AM "Scuola ZOO DJ Set" (until 03 AM)
Saturday, January 5th, 2019:
Palazzetto dello Sport
- 8 PM "Befana dello Sport", organized by CONI Ferrara
Sunday, January 6th, 2019:
Piazza Trento Trieste
- 3 PM  “Bau Walk"
- 5.30 PM Lottery in collaboration with Agire Sociale
- 6.30 PM lighting of the “Epiphany”, by Contrada San Paolo


Ferrara, centro storico


November, 17th, 2018 – January, 6th, 2019


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