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Bosco Eliceo wines - DOC

Over the centuries, wine growing in Ferrara has always meant the Uva d’Oro vine, whose origins, it has been suggested, can be traced back to the Etruscans of the flourishing city of Spina.
Bosco Eliceo wines - DOC

The vine was probably grafted in the Valli region in 1528, when the duke Ercole II d’Este married Renata di Francia, daughter of the Louis XII, who as a dowry brought a vine from Burgundy, the Côte d’Or, in Italian Uva d’Oro, which found the perfect habitat in the Dune Sabbiose (sandy dunes) of the Delta and on the rises in the land in the Bosco Eliceo and gave its best among the delta holm-oaks and bushes. The particularly damp, foggy and static environment, the strongly salty air and land, the constant proximity of the sea and the lack of fresh water over the centuries contributed to the formation of a grape with a very strong character. The Bosco Eliceo wines (Fortana, Merlot, Bianco del Bosco, Sauvignon), with their light and aromatic taste, slightly pungent, whether red or white, combines perfectly with meat and fish dishes, marsh game and eel.

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