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The Mill on the Po

An old-style mill in full working order has recently been built and operates as a centre for guided nature and literary trails
The Mill on the Po

...that help visitors appreciate the special nature of the surroundings characterised by typical trees and shrubs. There are also picnic areas and bicycle trails and footpaths along the PO River embarkment.

The access to the Mill is temporarily closed to the public


- Bicigrill "Il Mulino" - It offers a complete service for cyclists: bike rental, park, camping area, mechanical support base, bike transfer, tourist information point.
For more information: Simone Dovigo +39 3402611527

- Restaurant and Bar "Vento di Supa" - Open every day from 8.30 in the morning until late evening. For information and reservations +39 3456108008


Access to the Mill is temporarily closed to the public

How to get here

By car: from Ferrara to Copparo SP2, after about 8 km, before entering in the little town of Corlo, turn left in via Vallalbana, in Ro direction. The mill is on the bank of the river Po; leaving the car, you can arrive to the mill on foot.
By bus: suburban line 1300 Ferrara- Ro-Copparo.
By bicycle: from Ferrara before along the greenway FE202 and then onto the cycle path Destra Po, in the right direction Mesola - Goro, arrive at the Mill on the bank of the river Po, near the town center of Ro.
44 ° 57 29 N - 11 ° 45 23 E
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