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Cesare Tiazzi 1743-1809. A sculptor between Cento and Bologna


Cesare Tiazzi mastered clay sculpture, and he mainly worked in Cento. His works of art and education are inspired by Bolognese sculptors.
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The exhibition has been organized by Giuseppe Adani, Fausto Gozzi, Cristina Grimaldi Fava and Antonella Mampieri, in order to shed some light on Cesare Tiazzi from Cento, and on clay sculpture in Cento and Bologna during the XVIII and early XIX Century.

The exhibition will show some works of art by this artist, and it will also show some works by artists from the Bolognese area: Giuseppe Maria Mazza, Angelo Gabriello Piò, Andrea Ferreri, Filippo Scandellari, Ubaldo Gandolfi, Clarice Vasini, Giacomo De Maria, Giovanni Putti and many others.

Opening: Saturday, November 26th, 5PM at Teatro Comunale G. Borgatti.


Cento - Pinacoteca Civica "Il Guercino" - Via Matteotti, 16


From November, 27th, 2011 to March, 11th, 2012


9.30AM-12.30PM / 2.30-6.30PM. Monday closed.


Free entrance.

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