The Este Carnival

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The atmosphere of the Este masquerades will arise: after almost five hundred years, the amazing Carnival of Ferrara Court is organized in the very heart of Italian Renaissance.
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The ancient palaces, the beautiful Este Castle, the roads and squares of Ferrara, are still the same as in the Renaissance period, all year round.

This unique City Centre, listed in the UNESCO Heritage, goes back to its most authentic atmosphere during the Carnival, for a great celebration of the Este period.

As a signal of the upcoming Spring, the Carnival reveals its vitality. In Ferrara, it will be held during two intense weekends: February, 23rd-24th, and March 2nd-3rd 2019. After the long winter period, the city will awaken, and many princes and dukes will come back to the Castle. The Carnival of the Estes will offer a rich programme to present the history of a capital city of the Renaissance, dedicating the event to Lucrezia Borgia, in the 500th anniversary of her death. The main theme will be the masquerade, dedicated to the vegetable world, with plants, fruits and flowers, based on the famous portrait of Lucrezia dressed as Flora, by Bartolomeo Veneto.

During the Renaissance period, our city was embraced by walls, with gardens and trees onto them: the strength and prosperity of Ferrara was also based on nature, with a rich persistence of the symbolic culture from the mediaeval and the ancient world.  A programme with guided tours, conferences and events in collaboration with Museums and Associations of the city will help the visitors to better understand the culture of that time.



FREE ENTRANCE on Saturday 2nd and Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 in the following Civic Museums:
- Palazzina di Marfisa d’Este
- Museo di Storia Naturale
- Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza
- Museo della Cattedrale
- Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (Exhibition about Filippo De Pisis)



Ferrara - Centro Storico


February 23, 24th (preview); March 2nd, 3rd, 2019


Free events as well as events with a fee. Reservations available on the web.


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